Job Title: Sales Manager
Job Number: P00240429001
Company: 欧洲工业品企业
Location: Shanghai

Main Responsibilities:  
- Establishing Sales target each year, dividing growth into existing base and new growth opportunities, e.g. new application, new product introduction & new customer acquisitions. - Take challenge and accomplish aggressive and feasible sales goals. - Deep involvement Key Accounts management in the region to grow local business, enhance relationship with Key Account Presents in China. - Develop concert business plan to grow from Local B and C customers. This includes opportunities in both short term and long term, and requires documenting the new opportunities in company CRM system. - Work closely with customer service and TCS to provide promote and efficient service to customers, improve customers satisfaction index, build Customers Loyalty - Interfacing with other functions of the business areas, including product development, production, supply chain and R & D, getting aligned in annual goals, customer issues, market intelligence, and both sales and marketing programs, and actively engaging supports to implement programs to achieve growth objectives. - Support Head of Sales in developing sales plan, implement the sales strategy.
- 5 Years + similar experience in Sales Manager position, preferably in Filtration Industry, and multinational companies with interactions under environment of different cultures. - A bachelor degree in engineering is a must, master degree in other disciplines are preferred - Proven track records of meeting sales targets on a consistent basis, and the ability to take on challenges during adversarial market conditions. - Very good interpersonal skills, proactively interacting with both internal and external parties, and being able to take on constructive conflicts.

Consultant: Maggie Yin 

Tel: 62676622*8002 


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