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Charlie Shi
Industrial & Life Science Practices

T: 86-21-6217 9113

Charlie Shi is Partner of Leader Associates. As a seasoned executive search professional starting in 1993, he is known not only for his diverse search experience but also for his strong commitment of high quality and attentiveness to client services. He specializes in the search for senior executives at Greater China and Asia Pacific levels especially for Automotive, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries.

Prior to joining Leader Associates, Charlie had over 21 years of professional experience in executive search industry including 2 years with a Shanghai-based boutique firm as Partner & Head of Industrial and Healthcare Practices and another 19 years with four global leading executive search firms in Shanghai, progressing from Researcher, Operations Manager/Director to Principal Consultant, Partner and General Manager.

Before starting his executive search career, he was a Lecturer of English in Shanghai Normal University. Charlie received his Bachelor’s degree and Postgraduate Program in English from Shanghai Normal University. Charlie is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

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